Patient Testimonials

‘Marie introduced me to acupuncture several years ago after my doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure. My doctor wanted to deal with the problem with drugs. I did not. Having never had acupuncture, Marie gently and patiently led me through the process, explaining the reasons for the different points, and, over the course of several months, brought my blood pressure down from 170/90 to a steady 120/65. Since then acupuncture has been my first choice in dealing with everything from colds to muscle pulls and Marie has become a trusted friend and health advisor.’
Chris P.
‘I first started seeing Marie in the Spring of 2009 while I was undergoing fertility treatments.  Marie proved to be so instrumental to me during my journey. Marie was extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture points relating to fertility.  She always listened to and took into consideration the latest updates with my fertility treatments and tailored our sessions to be most beneficial based on where I was in a fertility treatment cycle. Marie spent time between our sessions thinking of or researching acupuncture treatments which would work well in conjunction with my fertility treatments.
Marie was a constant source of encouragement. My struggle with infertility was difficult and often times I would feel completely hopeless. Marie was always there to give me a boost with both her acupuncture treatments and moral support. I always felt better after our sessions, both physically and mentally.
In 2011, I finally got pregnant with twins and continued to see Marie through the first half of my pregnancy. I have suffered with migraines through most of my life and they were particularly bad during the first half of pregnancy. No medicine I was allowed to take was working. I would often schedule an appointment with Marie, knowing that she would be able to give me some relief.
Overall, Marie was such a vital part of my fertility journey and I am so thankful for everything she did for me. I have two wonderful children thanks, in part, to Marie!’
Marie V.

‘After several doctors told me to stop running because of hip pain, I decided to try acupuncture with Marie. I left each appointment feeling relaxed, pain free and hopeful. After two weeks of visits, Marie was able to control the inflammation of soft tissue in my hip so that I could participate in a half marathon. Not only was I able to complete the race, but I achieved a personal record. I had tried so many different doctors and treatments and Marie was the first professional to give me hope that I might be able to safely continue running long distances. For the first time in eight months, I am able to run without pain. Marie has an amazing gift and I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with a painful injury or life altering condition.’
Caroline C.

‘My doctor recommended acupuncture to me in addition to other treatments several years ago and after affirming its many benefits, I’ve continued to have regular treatments ever since. Marie was my first acupuncturist before she moved, and has thus far been the most dedicated and talented I have experienced. In short, Marie is wonderful! She is compassionate and caring as well as knowledgeable and intuitive. She is easy to talk to, truly listens, and has been very helpful in assisting me on my quest toward health and wellness. I highly recommend acupuncture, and more importantly Marie!’
Stephanie W.

‘I am so glad that I met Marie. Since I moved from Colorado Springs to Boulder County I have been in search for an acupuncturist for awhile. The level and quality of service that I have received from Maire is exceptional. Marie listens, caring, and has extensive knowledge. She has help me so much with my health issues such as horrible migraines, headaches, foot pain, and lack of energy. So far my headache and migraines are gone and my foot pain and level of energy is getting better.  If any one is looking for an acupuncturist in Boulder County and Louisville area Marie would be the person to go and see.’
Leah A.

‘Marie’s skills in woman’s health through acupuncture are undeniable. My husband and I were trying to get pregnant naturally for over a year. Unfortunately my body was not ovulating. I heard acupuncture could help and decided to give that a try before taking Clomid. I had been going to a clinic with no results for several months when they hired Marie. They told me she specialized in this area, so of course I decided to see her. The day after my first session in August of 2012 I began to bleed. I was also seeing an endocrinologist at the time who confirmed through blood testing that I finally had progesterone and had officially ovulated. This was so exciting to finally be working with someone who got me results. I followed her to her private practice and have continued to see her. I got pregnant in January!!! My husband and I are thrilled to have reached are goal with out western medical interventions. I still see her regularly to help keep me grounded and healthy during this awesome process of pregnancy. Additionally she is so easy to talk to about what ever is going on in my life. She has been a real blessing to my growing family. She also relieves my husband of his headaches and occasional insomnia. If you are looking for someone who can provide real beneficial outcomes connect with Marie.’
Nancy F.

I am very thankful for Marie’s skills in acupuncture and cupping. I started seeing Marie for muscular and nerve pain as the result of chronic stress. My family doctor prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medications, but as an RN myself I am aware of the consequences of using these drugs long-term. After weekly treatments with Marie, I no longer experience the debilitating pain that I used to have. I am able to work, exercise, and be a mom without pain holding me back. I continue to see Marie as a part of maintaining my health. She has helped me recover from a foot injury, digestive issues, and is currently working with me on symptoms of PMS. Marie is gentle, easy to talk to to, and very knowledgeable. I am very thankful for Marie.’
Melanie B.


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